Forge ahead, run Linux!

Desktop Testing

System requirements for testing
4GB Memory
4 Core / 4 Thread CPU
Graphics Card supporting OpenGL
1920X1080 Display or higher

Our Project

A Linux Professional Workstation


Custom Cinnamon Desktop
User intuitive GUI
Complete Backup Tools
Latest Software Release
Turnkey System Install

Pre-installed Software

Web authoring
Music Creation
Video Editing
Screen Capture/Recording
Audio tools

Target User

Small businesses
Individual Creators
Really Cool People

Why DeLinuxCo?

It's Free
It's Fast
It's Open Source
It's Customizable
It's Based on Arch+Manjaro


what are they saying

"A nice little quote for here!"

Mystery Person

"A nice little quote there".

Mystery Person

"And a quote from everywhere."

Mystery Person

Recent Updates

Our Latest News

DeLinuxCo 20.1.2 Released


  • Modified application window animation
  • Replaced Galculator with Qalculator as the default system calculator
  • Added Albert search bar, CTRL + ALT + S to open and close search bar
  • Upgraded default Linux kernel to 5.9.x

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Virtual Machine Manager w/UEFI support

If you are a Linux user and want to run different OS’ for testing or what have you, there is no need to look further than Virtual Machine Manager, free and open source.

In this tutorial, we will be going through the steps to get Virtual Machine Manager, also known as “Virt-manager”, installed on an Arch based system. Visit the Virt-manager project page here for more information.

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DeLinuxCo 20.0.3 is Ready
  • Shutter has been removed, too problematic, no longer being maintained.
  • Replaced Shutter with Ksnip, almost same functionality.
  • New simple color theme, no pictures. Will be sticking to this from now on.
  • Fixed start up sound too loud.
  • Slimbookbattery app available in the DeLinuxCo repo, available using Pamac, Pacman or YAY.
Clean Desktop!

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