Forge ahead, run Linux!

Desktop Testing

System requirements for testing
4GB Memory
4 Core / 4 Thread CPU
Graphics Card supporting OpenGL
1920X1080 Display or higher

Our Project

A Linux Professional Workstation


Custom Cinnamon Desktop
User intuitive GUI
Complete Backup Tools
Latest Software Release
Turnkey System Install

Pre-installed Software

Web authoring
Music Creation
Video Editing
Screen Capture/Recording
Audio tools

Target User

Small businesses
Individual Creators
Really Cool People

Why DeLinuxCo?

It's Free
It's Fast
It's Open Source
It's Customizable
It's Based on Arch+Manjaro


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Recent Updates

Our Latest News

Hot Fixes

GTK apps take almost 60 seconds to start after system update!

There is an issue with xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 44.1 upgraded from 43.1 causing GTK apps to take a long time to load, apps such as Firefox or Libreoffice.

Current workaround is to downgrade back to 43.1 and set “xdg-desktop-portal-gnome” to ignore updates.

Open Add/Remove Software (pamac) > Preferences > Avanced tab and click the + sign at the bottom to add “xdg-desktop-portal-gnome” to the ignored upgrades list.

For more details, read here:

IF you already updated to 44.1, uninstall the package and manually install 43.1, there should be a copy of it in your /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ if not you can download a copy here:

Install Linux on intel iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro

Do you have an intel iMac or MacBook that Apple no longer supports? Well breath new life into it by installing Linux!
You can try it out using live USB to see what works and what does not. As an example, we recently installed DeLinuxCo on a 2011 iMac and it works great! The only item that we did not test was the IR remote.

You may need to install a fan control application called mbpfan-git from the AUR in order to silence the fans of the iMac or Laptop.

Download the ISO HERE
Boot to the USB drive, usually holding the “Option” key at boot should allow you to boot from the USB drive.
If needed, upon installing DeLinuxCo, from a terminal run “yay mbpfan-git” and install the package. mbpfan setup…

NEW ISO !!! 21.0.7

A new version of DeLinuxCo is out!

Change log:

  • New icon theme
  • Shutter is back!
  • ICE-SSB Removed, Chrome & Chromium no longer
    play nice.
  • Cinelerra is now packaged as an AppImage
  • Kernel 5.12
  • New simple wallpaper
  • Improved fonts

Updating delinuxco

The DeLinuxCo repository is broken, if order to update your system, you may have to edit /etc/pacman.conf using sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf and comment the [delinuxco-dev] repository like the image below.

DeLinuxCo update

For the last 6 months very little development has occurred on this little project. We have decided not to abandon the project and will be moving forward. A short list of things to do:

Update ISO to latest Manjaro
Update Cinelerra to new Appimage format
Make Shutter the default screenshot editor again

DeLinuxCo 20.2 released

Release notes

Screenshot tools – Ksnip has been removed, Shutter is no longer shipped in DeLinuxCo It is recommended to install Shutter from AUR (The Git version).

rebuild-detector comes pre-installed. Every time yay is run, there is a hook to check if any AUR packages need to be rebuilt and will list them.

A new wallpaper, Horizon was added

Download ISO here

Ksnip will not start!

If Ksnip will not start chances are your Kimageannotator has been updated to 0.3.2, if this is the case, you need to downgrade to the previous version of 0.3.1.
Download from the following links then set them not to upgrade until this issue is resolved.

Once files are downloaded, installed them by right clicking on package and “Open With Software Installer”
Once packages are installed, open Preferences in Pamac
On the Advanced tab, turn on “Enable downgrade”, then use the + sign to add both Ksnip and Kimageannotator. This will prevent them from being upgraded.
DeLinuxCo 20.1.2 Released


  • Modified application window animation
  • Replaced Galculator with Qalculator as the default system calculator
  • Added Albert search bar, CTRL + ALT + S to open and close search bar
  • Upgraded default Linux kernel to 5.9.x

Read More

Virtual Machine Manager w/UEFI support

If you are a Linux user and want to run different OS’ for testing or what have you, there is no need to look further than Virtual Machine Manager, free and open source.

In this tutorial, we will be going through the steps to get Virtual Machine Manager, also known as “Virt-manager”, installed on an Arch based system. Visit the Virt-manager project page here for more information.

Read More

DeLinuxCo 20.0.3 is Ready
  • Shutter has been removed, too problematic, no longer being maintained.
  • Replaced Shutter with Ksnip, almost same functionality.
  • New simple color theme, no pictures. Will be sticking to this from now on.
  • Fixed start up sound too loud.
  • Slimbookbattery app available in the DeLinuxCo repo, available using Pamac, Pacman or YAY.
Clean Desktop!

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