Forge ahead, run Linux!

Desktop Testing

System requirements for testing
4GB Memory
4 Core / 4 Thread CPU
Graphics Card supporting OpenGL
1920X1080 Display or higher

Our Project

A Linux Professional Workstation


Custom Cinnamon Desktop
User intuitive GUI
Complete Backup Tools
Latest Software Release
Turnkey System Install

Pre-installed Software

Web authoring
Music Creation
Video Editing
Screen Capture/Recording
Audio tools

Target User

Small businesses
Individual Creators
Really Cool People

Why DeLinuxCo?

It's Free
It's Fast
It's Open Source
It's Customizable
It's Based on Arch+Manjaro


what are they saying

"A nice little quote for here!"

Mystery Person

"A nice little quote there".

Mystery Person

"And a quote from everywhere."

Mystery Person

Recent Updates

Our Latest News

DeLinuxCo 20.0.3 is Ready
  • Shutter has been removed, too problematic, no longer being maintained.
  • Replaced Shutter with Ksnip, almost same functionality.
  • New simple color theme, no pictures. Will be sticking to this from now on.
  • Fixed start up sound too loud.
  • Slimbookbattery app available in the DeLinuxCo repo, available using Pamac, Pacman or YAY.
Clean Desktop!

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