If you are looking for a Windows, Windows 11 or MacOS alternative you have come to the right place.
DeLinuxCo is a spin of Manjaro Cinnamon Desktop.

  • DeLinuxCo includes a few additional packages that are not included by Manjaro.
  • Cinnamon Desktop is reconfigured for better user experience.

Cinnamon code is not altered or modified, it is completely stock, there are no modifications done to Cinnamon itself. Only the configuration of the Desktop is changed. DeLinuxCo is not another “Distribution”, it is a spin, a slightly modified version of Manjaro Cinnamon, for all practical purposes, it is Manjaro Cinnamon. It is meant for a niche group of Linux users, it is not the “GREATEST DISTRO EVER”, it is just a nice looking, stable, functional OS customized for a “workstation” environment.

Features and highlights

  • Intelligently hiding panels including auto hiding in maximized windows
  • Large application panel for application launchers
  • Full backup suite, Timeshift and BackInTime
  • Gpaste clipboard preinstalled
  • Shutter, screenshot tool preinstalled, new version GTK3 based.
  • Localsend preinstalled for sharing files and folders on local network
  • Customized Nemo file manager including media file info tab
  • Cinelerra video editor pre-installed as AppImage for better stability
  • Beautified terminal with lsd as an alternative to ls
  • Nemo media info, view file information by right clicking > Properties > Media Info
  • New helper scripts
  • Third panel launcher