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DeLinuxCo Workstation

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DeLinuxCo Workstation 23.1.3-240123

MD5SUM: b70ddb2636c6febfccfa8b4d6ffd0522

This is a FOSS project. It relies and builds on the work of a great many others. It is covered under the GPL3 though some parts of it may be under other free software licenses. Absolutely no warranty is implied or expressed. This includes but is not limited to fitness of use or data, use at own risk.

23.1.3-241023 Change log…

  • upgraded to kernel 6.7, (significant performance increase)
  • Added QTQR application to bottom bar, scan QR codes from files and directly from webcam.
  • Support of auto detecting network and USB scanners, especially WSD devices
  • Support for automatic printer detection
  • Switched to Mint-L Icon set
  • Replaced Redshift with Gammastep, may work with Wayland in the future.
  • Wayland (Experimental support) enabled at login by changing the session type.
  • NitroShare replaced with localsend, more compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS

After successful installation, be sure to visit the After Install Page:

Please note, the ISO is designed for testing on real hardware, using VirtualBox you may have issues! It is recommended to use Virtual Machine Manager for VM testing of DeLinuxCo. Tutorial can be found here. If you are already running DeLinuxCo 22.1.2 or higher, you can run install-virt-manager to completely install and configure Virt-Manager.


DeLinuxCo comes with a couple of simple scripts to make installing certain applications easier.
the first is to enable syncthing as a service for the user so that even even if the user is not logged in, the sync session for the default user will still function, do not use the sudo with this command, if it needs permissions, it will ask for them.


If you wish to run virtual machines, to auto install Virt-Manager, run:



The new third panel on the left of the desktop was added to help with additional access to quick launchers. The bottom panel is still the main panel to show all of the running applications, the third panel is purely for launching applications. It is ideal location for Webapps but you can add any item from the main menu. Simply click on the hamburger menu on top left corner, select the application and click and drag to a location on the panel.

On multiple screens, you can move the panel to the other side by “right click” on panel, select “Move” and click on the right side to move it there. To remove the panel altogether, “right click” on panel and click “Remove”


Shutter auto start has been disabled during install, must be manually enabled by user.
Go to Preferences > Behavior and check “Start Shutter at login” and “Hide window on first launch“.

Please note: Shutter does not currently work in Wayland session.

updated 20240123