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DeLinuxCo Workstation
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DeLinuxCo Workstation 23.1.3-240313

MD5SUM: e5b406ced09aac523cd0ab20f7d2f5da

This is a FOSS project. It relies and builds on the work of a great many others. It is covered under the GPL3 though some parts of it may be under other free software licenses. Absolutely no warranty is implied or expressed. This includes but is not limited to fitness of use or data, use at own risk.

Known issue after install! PLEASE CLICK “READ MORE”

The issue: ISO boots just fine, install has no issues, but after reboot GRUB gives error message;

 "error: file '/boot/intel-ucode.img' " not found. Press any key to continue...

or it may say it is /boot/amd-ucode.img that is missing.

The issue appears to be that the installer is correctly choosing the ucode image during the install for the particular system. For example, if the system is an intel CPU, it installs intel-ucode but does not install amd-ucode.img. Conversely, the opposite is true, if an AMD CPU is installed, amd-ucode.img is installed but not intel-ucode.img. If the system has both an intel CPU and a AMD GPU, it will install both ucode images. In this scenario, the system should boot with no issues.

The issue is that although, let’s say that amd-ucode.img is not installed, GRUB boot loader has both entries and therefore at boot, if one is missing, it will generate the error accordingly.

The workaround is to edit GRUB at boot, delete the entry for the missing ucode and continue booting. Once the system has booted, just install the missing image, intel-ucode or amd-ucode. Reboot, and the system should be fine.

Steps to fix:

Start system and use the “esc” key, keep clicking the key until you see the GRUB boot menu .

With the top menu item selected, click the “e” key on your key board, this will allow you to edit the GRUB boot line. After editing the configuration line, press “F10” to continue booting.



Use the arrow keys to move down to line and use the “delete” key to remove the image that is missing. This will be a one time edit, on the next reboot, the entry will return.

Download the latest ISO image.
(4.7 GB ISO)

23.1.3-240313 Change log…

  • Replaced hardinfo with hardinfo2
  • Added symbolic link from ~/.profile, to ~/.xprofile for better QT5CT theming support .
  • Updated helper script install-virt-manager to use qemu-full instead of qemu

Default application defaults are not transferring from ISO to installation correctly, you should manually change them to your liking or use these defaults: Go to System Settings > Preferred Applications

Cinnamon System Settings, Preferred Applications

Please note, the ISO is designed for testing on real hardware, using VirtualBox you may have issues! It is recommended to use Virtual Machine Manager for VM testing of DeLinuxCo. Tutorial can be found here. If you are already running DeLinuxCo 22.1.2 or higher, you can run install-virt-manager to completely install and configure Virt-Manager.


DeLinuxCo comes with a couple of simple scripts to make installing certain applications easier.
the first is to enable syncthing as a service for the user so that even even if the user is not logged in, the sync session for the default user will still function, do not use the sudo with this command, if it needs permissions, it will ask for them.


To disable syncthing, run:


If you wish to run virtual machines, to auto install Virt-Manager, run:



Shutter auto start has been disabled during install, must be manually enabled by user.
Go to Preferences > Behavior and check “Start Shutter at login” and “Hide window on first launch“.

Please note: Shutter does not currently work in Wayland session.

updated 20240314