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DeLinuxCo 23.0.3 Released

Latest ISO of DeLinuxCo WorkStation is ready for download.
Change log:

  • Updated ISO
  • Removed Clipit clipboard Manager, replaced with Gpaste
  • Removed “DeLinuxCo” menu text, just hamburger menu to open Cinnamon Menu
  • Latest Cinnamon update fixed Background wallpaper thumbnail issue.

LinuxMint LMDE 6 Released

The Linux Mint team has released the latest version of LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) and it is the most polished operating system in the Linux ecosystem! Seriously, this release now puts the question before me, as to whether even continue with this project! After test driving LMDE6 for a couple of weeks, I am still impressed but the Arch base still offers more choice and better driver support. So onward with DeLinuxCo!

Test drive it for yourself, I am thoroughly impressed by this release!